WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat messenger apps in the world. Whether you are a corporate slacker or a student, it is something you use to communicate with your friends and peers, all the time. Not only that but it has also become quite easy to connect faster with new friends, anywhere in the world.

However, with this upside comes a downside too. As you can make friends with anyone who you have not even met once in your life, there remain high chances of risk as well. You never know; the one you are personally communicating with is truthful or is there with some dishonest intention.


Your responsibility as a parent:

Similarly, if you are a parent, it becomes imperative to check on your child’s or teenager’s online activity.

Especially with games like Blue Whale, where depression can be manipulated into making one suicidal, one needs to be cautious.

To monitor someone’s WhatsApp activities, here are some apps which are designed to hack WhatsApp online.


By installing Flexispy in someone’s smartphone, one can get a reading access to that particular device. All one requires is a proper internet connection.

One can check not only the chat history of WhatsApp but all other activities as well. It does have synchronization problems in some latest iPhones, but those can be overcome with a little patch.


Copy9 is another app that can read chat records of WhatsApp conversations. It also tracks the location of the phone along with call history. This way, one can even notice if their child is getting meddled in something that should not be meddled with.

Note: One can check the effectiveness of this WhatsApp hack app with its trial version that lasts for 48 hours.


Spyera is particularly handy when it comes to real time information fetching. This means, it can record an ongoing call while informing you immediately. Parents can take fast preventive measures using this feature.


If you really want to know how to hack WhatsApp account, this app is your go-to option. One can literally track down all activities of a phone through this app. It has proper systematic way of storing logs and presenting them, so that one does not have to face any hassle regarding using the app.


ThetruthSpy is particularly for the Android users. It does the job exactly like the other apps that are listed here. Copy records both chat conversations and call history. With an account, you can go to their site and check the details of the activities of the concerned phone.

Mobile Spy:

Another reliable app for android phones, Mobile Spy tracks emails too. So, you get an all-around information database of your teen’s phone once you install this app on their phones.

No matter whichever app one uses, the whole spying story will be hidden from the spied person. All these have been designed to meet your purpose – so pick the most appropriate one as per your choice.