The chances are big that you have searched for solution about how to intercept text messages without target phone at some point in your life. All people are interested in learning how to read someones messages, but you need a good app for that. Without a quality app you risk being discovered, which can in turn be bad for you. If you want to read someones messages without problems and without being detected then consider the next top five applications with which you can read someones messages.


  • Copy9

Copy9 will make it very easy for you to know quickly how to read someones text messages without having their phone in your possession. Ever since it was introduced on the market almost a decade ago, this app has been constantly appraised by its users. It works equally well both on Android phones and on iPhone, and with Copy9 there is no need for jailbreak. All you need to do is download the app and after that you can easily access all kinds of data on the targeted phone.

  • MxSpy

This application has shown proven good results in monitoring everything you can spy on the targeted phone. MxSpy is ideal for learning how to read text messages from another for free, accessing emails, internet history, phone calls and reading text messages. One of the great things about this app is that it also gives you access to those text messages that were deleted by the owner of the phone. Everything you are interested in will be presented to you at your online account. There is no chance for you to be detected when using this app. Another great thing is that this app can be remotely uninstalled if you no longer want to use it or if the phone owner is suspicious that someone is spying on him.

  • Auto Forward Spy

Auto Forward Spy is a top application with numerous fantastic features. Although this app is still new, it has still shown some pretty good results when it comes to reading someones messages. Many people are using this spy text app regularly due to its many great features and variety of options. The app works well on different smartphone brands and it also works on all platforms. You can access everything you are interested in remotely without ever touching the phone. All info is clearly presented straight to your computer or phone, so using this app is very easy and straightforward.


  • DDI Utilities

If you want to perform sms spy on iPhones, then DDI Utilities is your best choice. One of its great options is that with it you can monitor everything in the targeted phone and also do backup of the extracted data. Employers and parents will find this app very useful because of its great options. DDI Utilities has also shown some great results in recovering and accessing older data that has been lost or deleted. With this quality spy app you can monitor calls, access videos, photos, browsing activity and get the precise GPS position of the phone.

  • SurePoint Spy

SurePoint Spy is a handy app that works perfectly on all Android models of phones. It is also good for iPhone devices and it is packed with some awesome features. SurePoint Spy requires simple download and installation, and then you can read someones messages, check their emails and phone records, go through their online history and do all other things you are interested in. With SurePoint Spy you can also remotely download pictures and videos from the targeted phone and save them on your computer.