Android phones are the most widely used phones and this has led to hacking applications targeted to this phones. In November 2012 the source code for RAT was made available to anyone on the net. The RAT uses a very user friendly interface to control a victims phone. This means you do not need to be very proficient in coding to use it. The standard Application format for Android phones is the APK which makes it very easy to hack cell phones.

The Androrat is a client server application that lets you get full control of Android phone through your computer. Androrat (Android Remote Administration Tool) is written in Java source code, which happens to be the same one used in Android phones.

Hacking phones with Androrat is very simple; just install a light application on victim’s Android phone. Through Androrat Apk Binder you can generate your own apps which you can then bind to client phone, it then runs anonymously from the background. The victim will not be aware what is going on making it one of the best phone hacking apps.

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Materials accessed on victim phone through Androrat

  • You can access the clients contact details and call log details. This extends to messages which you can monitor in live. From the victim phone you can also send messages.
  • Androrat lets you monitor where a person is through GPS technology. You can also stream live sounds and videos from client’s phone.
  • You can capture a user log in credentials and store users files and documents
  • Androrat also lets you take photos through a victim’s phone.
  • Open URL in default browser
  • Monitoring phone state in live(call received, sent and missed)
  • Stream sound from phone microphone.

To use androrat you will need a personal computer with Java installed. The antivirus and firewall will need to be turned off. Your internet connection needs to be very high. You can begin hacking once app is installed on victims phone.

The use of binders to exploit users phones has been on the rise. Popular games like Candy crash and Angry birds can be downloaded from third party sites and Androrat included in the download. It is usually recommended that Android users download from authentic sites. Google has been publishing on its official blog ways in which users can avoid hackers, which mainly by avoiding third party sites.

Androrat is one of the best hacking tools for Android phones. Which Apk been the most used file format for Android phones, makes this app very popular. With a lot of android apps available in the market, hackers have an easy time loading the Apk on third party sites. The Hacking software helps you get a lot of information on victim’s phone.

Users are asked to check the authenticity of third party apps before getting any downloads. You can also install anti-spy software on your phone. Since the app operates in the background, making it very hard to detect. Androrat has been one of the most popular hacking apps in the market due to its ease of use and its availability. You do not need to be an expert coder to use it you can download one and start mobile hacking.