2 Signs to know You’re Being Cheated On

There are two unmistakable signs of infidelity … signs which can indicate practically nothing else except cheating.

If you see one of the signs, I wager that you’ll start to see the other, so long as you keep your site open, that is.


This is true whether your spouse is a guy or a female.

A red or face on a man shows that he has considered Viagra before several hours.

Why else would a guy take Viagra – aside from making love with someone … someone apart from you that is.

Now the medial side ramifications of Viagra dissipate as time passes, so you would have to notice the red face when you primarily see your man … right when he strolls through the doorway.

You may confirm that the flushed face you are witnessing is a side-effect of Viagra by noticing various other subtle part effects … like a stuffy nasal area, and possibly being truly a little shaky regarding his activities.

In other words, if his hands appear to tremble only a little – that could concur that Viagra has been taking in days gone by a long time.

Women don’t take Viagra – just how will a red or flushed face on a female indicates that she is cheating you?

The answer is – if her face is red, then within days gone by several hours she has had a guy rubbing his hard or not-freshly-shaven face after hers … which (of course) happens when they are having intimacy.

Nearly all women have smooth skin on the faces … and so if a guy is aggressively kissing her during a sexual come across, he is probably also kissing her along her throat … on her behalf oral cavity, and on the attributes of her face.

And unless he shaved his face right before the face, then he’ll involve some stubble or whisker expansion on his face.

Those whiskers will make up her face, and make it red … because her face is being scratched, type of like with sandpaper.

Now if you see the red face sign on either your male or female when he or she walks through the door – don’t call her or him from it.

If your partner is a man, first look for the other Viagra part effects I mentioned above.

Next, you want to look for this other clear indication of cheating – that will confirm your suspicions.


Again, this holds true whether your lover is a man or a female.

If he or she goes directly for the bathtub as soon as they walk in the entranceway – what do you feel that might suggest?

It means they want to wash something from themselves before you see it!

Jumping into the bathtub will take care of that problem, too.

Just what exactly are they hoping to clean off?

That’s a relatively easy question to answer – two things.

An example may be the smell of the individual these are cheating you with that person’s cologne or perfume.

Since they’ve just gotten naked with seeing your face for a long time, the scent of that person’s cologne or perfume will be present with them.

You can confirm this by giving your partner an extended hug as soon as they walk through the entranceway, and taking a big whiff.

Don’t give away what you are doing though – don’t make it evident that you will be sniffing them.

Apart from the smell of the lover’s cologne or perfume, the next item they are trying to wash off is their lover’s “juice.” I’m striving not to be too image here, which is difficult.

What I mean by their “drink” is semen (from a guy, definitely) or vaginal fluid (from a female).

This is the proverbial “smell of gender” that I’m discussing – you can smell that on a person if you get close enough, right?

Additionally, you might be able to view it, but only when your cheating partner is rather sloppy about covering up what they are doing.

If you check out their pants around their zipper (regarding a man), you might be in a position to see some dry white materials.

Or if we are discussing a woman, you might see something along her upper thighs.

Again, you won’t notice that if your lover is careful – only when they are extremely careless.

Just how can you confirm that your lover who just walked through the doorway, and headed right to the bathtub has one of those scents upon them?

This is straightforward part – while they are simply in the shower, examine their clothes.

Look first at their underwear – transform it inside out, and then consider it and smell it.

If she or he is cheating on you, then you should be able to see and smell the release I previously described … it will be obvious.

You can even smell their shirt or the very best of whatever clothes these were wearing, and also grab the fragrance of some cologne or perfume you don’t recognize.

The underwear information though is the conviction – nobody can make clear that away.

At this point – you should have seen one or both of these unmistakable signals of cheating.

What now? That’s not a simple question to answer. Can you confront her or him? Do you move out?

How will you, yourself, get over this devastating revelation?

A whole lot will depend on whether you are hitched compared to that person versus just going out with, whether you have children jointly, how long you’ve been together, etc.

I can offer you three suggestions about how best to continue:

– Make sure that you are being cheated on. You can do that by reading: How can I spy on my boyfriend text messages

– Electronically surveil your partner’s smartphone, tablet, and pc. You can certainly do that by reading: How to spy on text messages and phone calls

Two new articles on Infidelity from the Founder of spy-message.com Understand that you’ll get through this mess, and you’ll, in the end, find the happiness that you deserve. Yes!!!