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A Look At Why Tracking Your Child’s Cell Phone Is a Good Parenting Choice

Parenting in the digital age is tough to say the least. With almost every high school kid owning a cell phone, children are exposed to the inherent risk of cyber bullying, and other pitfalls of the digital world.

With changing times, it is important for parents to update their ways of protecting their kids from harm’s way.

Though tracking your child’s cell phone may appear to be a breach of trust, it is an effective safety tool parents can use as part of their digital arsenal.

Working parents may find it difficult to keep a track of their kid’s activities. And if the child is not forthcoming about his/her whereabouts coupled with negative signs like losing interest in academics, staying out late and missing school, it is time to track the child’s cell phone.

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All apps are available on smart phones with an android operating system. Parents can avail this app by making payment annually or on a monthly basis.

Some of the useful features of this app are:

  • The app allows parents to monitor the child’s devices from a website or using their smart phones
  • It supports remote locking and unlocking of device
  • Allows parents to monitor call logs and text messages
  • Parents receive alerts if certain keywords are used for searching content
  • Disables the phone while driving
  • Supports location tracking

Need for monitoring your child’s cell phone

As parents the safety of our kids is of paramount importance. Cell phone trackers help to not only keep a tab on the whereabouts of our children but also help to monitor their online activities.

Cell phone trackers help parents to keep children out of the below dangers:


Sending sexually explicit messages and picture through text messages is a growing concern among parents. Sexual predators monitor minors through their mobile phones and woo them into their traps.

Cell phone trackers help parents to check the child’s text messages and take preventive measures.



Bullies have always been around. With the advancement in technology, they have now resorted to harassing their victims online by sending hurtful messages on social media, emails and text messages.

If you notice your child being anxious or secretive, cell phone trackers will help you to pin point the source of their worry and deal with the situation effectively.


The internet is flooded with objectionable content. As kids with smart phones have instant access to the internet, it is important for parents to keep tab of their kid’s online activities.

With the help of parental monitoring apps it is possible to block pornographic and gambling sites.


Location tracking

The main advantage of cell phone tracking is that parents can know exactly where their kids are. This not only provides parents with peace of mind but is extremely useful for rescuing kids when in danger.

Guidelines to follow while tracking your child’s cell phone

Once you have made the decision of tracking your kid’s cell phone, it is important to follow a few guidelines such as:

  • Be open

Do not sneak behind your child’s back. Instead tell your child that you will be tracking their cell phone in order to ensure their safety. Winning your child’s confidence is the key for effectively monitoring their activities.

  • Choose the right app

With a number cell phone tracking apps available, it is important to choose the one that matches your requirements.

It is advisable to choose an app that allows you to monitor the emails, text messages and online activities.

  • Differentiate between monitoring Vs spying

Teenagers are more likely to put their foot down and object to tracking their cell phones. Therefore, parents must make them understand that the app is being installed to ensure their safety and not for invading their privacy.


Confiscating your child’s cell phone will create friction and also become a barrier for communication. Instead parents must make use of the spyware apps to protect their kids from unfortunate situations.

Tracking your child’s phone will not only help build transparency but will also teach the child to be responsible about their online activities.